Monday, December 31, 2007

Mobile Systems Researcher (Portland, OR)

Company: Volt Technical Resources
Job Title: Mobile Systems Researcher
Location: Portland, OR
Contact: Anthony Miller -

Our client is seeking a strong individual contributor to join our pioneering team in developing new wireless protocols and technologies for future mobile systems.

Major responsibilities of the position include:
Development of novel concepts and technologies that require in-depth understanding of communications systems, especially MAC and Layers 2-4 and detailed design with supporting analysis.

Ability to critique proposed standards submissions for technical merit.

Ability to prepare, present and successfully promote standards submissions to bodies such as 3GPP.

Development of high-value intellectual property and patent applications.

Demonstrated success working in a team-based environment.
Must have skills include:
Masters (PhD preferred) in a related field, with outstanding R&D credentials, along with the following:

Strong research background in wireless networking, with emphasis on protocols

Solid understanding of MAC protocols, Link Layer, TCP/IP, QoS and cross layer design

Ability to synthesize new patentable concepts

Motivated and flexible self starter with strong demonstrated communications skills

This is a fulltime contract position located in the Great Northwest in the Portland Oregon area.
To submit your resume, please email

Friday, December 28, 2007

Wireless Applications Architect (Alpharetta, GA)

Company: Cox Communications
Location: Alpharetta, GA
Job Title: Wireless Applications Architect
Contact: Trevor Harding:

Wireless Applications Architect

The ideal candidate will be responsible for the architectural design of various applications as well as working with the development teams to ensure architectural consistency across a variety of projects that would enable the Cox Communications wireless product. Applications would include: customer facing, system abstraction and back office.

Design of J2EE, J2ME applications and relational database models for the wireless product.

The candidate will work with various cross-organizational teams of developers on a variety of projects relating to the wireless product.
- Work with lead developers and development management to design and implement various products based on business and technical requirements.
- Oversee development standards and the software development lifecycle.
- Participate in standards bodies.
- Ability to design and articulate new directions relating to IT infrastructures in support of wireless initiatives.

- Seven to ten years J2EE experience
- Seven to ten years J2ME experience
- Seven to ten years experience in data modeling
- Ability to define and articulate style standards
- Work independently with development teams on multiple inter-related projects
- Five to seven years experience working in Unix environments, preferably Solaris
- Must be able to demonstrate knowledge of GoF and J2EE Design Patterns
- Deep subject matter expertise with the entire software development lifecycle
- Deep subject matter experience working with Jakarta products such as Ant, Log4j, STRUTS, Common taglibs, Xerces and Xalan
- Demonstrated UML modeling techniques
- Excellent communication and peoples skills required
- Masters degree or combination of undergraduate degree and equivalent work experience required

Saturday, December 15, 2007 Best Recruiting Blogs of 2007 has launched the 2007 Best Recruiting Blog Awards, and my site has been nominated.

But really, there's some incredible blogs represented here, so if I don't win the grand prize (a trip to Vegas, sponsored by I won't be too disappointed.

Below is a final list of all of the Best Recruiting Blogs of 2007 that have been nominated.

Good luck to the bloggers, and a big thanks to (Jason Davis) for pulling this together.

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Application Developer (Wireless) - Madison, WI

A large wireless/telecom client in Madison, WI is searching for an Application Developer to join their development.

Face it...the wireless business is cool. And growing like crazy. And they need top developers to keeping pushing the envelope and developing applications that make the wireless junkies go wild.

Hard to resist, eh?

If you want to be part of this wireless craziness, and you've got a year or two of development experience, email me: (App Developer in subject line).

Look forward to talking,

Dennis Smith
Director, Talent Strategy
WorldLink, Inc.

*Here's the full techie lowdown on the skills:

Software Engineering: C, PL-SQL, SQL Plus, K Shell

eSkills: HTML/CSS, Java/JSP, J2EE, XML

Databases: Oracle

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Senior RF / PA Device Design Engineer (Austin, TX)

Job Title: Senior RF/PA Device Design Engineer
Location: Austin, TX
Compensation: Very competitive, based on experience, and full benefits
How to apply: email

Heavily funded company in Austin, Texas is set to bring it's breakthrough technology products to market in 2008, which will optimize costs for wireless OEM's by digitizing RF signals and amplifying them in the digital domain.

They are searching for a Senior RF / PA Device Design Engineer to lead growing team responsible for IC Circuit Design of high power and high frequency RF power devices (transistors).
MSEE + 10 years (or equivalent) RF / MMIC semiconductor circuit design

Proven experience in MMIC device design in LDMOS or GaAs.

Device power levels of at least 2 watts and operating frequencies of 900MHz
or higher.

Solid working knowledge of associated semiconductor process engineering.

Familiar with semiconductor device failure analysis techniques.

Knowledge of high frequency and high reliability semiconductor packaging.

Knowledge of applicable air interface standards - e.g. IS95 CDMA, W-CDMA.

Skilled in RF measurement techniques such as - IP3, 1dB compression, ACPR,
EVM, etc. and using RF development tools such as ADS.

Proven record of several completed RF device designs from implementation
through production.

Experience in engineering validation, testing, and debugging.

Friday, December 07, 2007

WinMobile Application Developer - Mountain View, CA

WinMobile Application Developer 
Location: Mountain View, Ca
Email Resume to:
Subject line: WinMobile App Dev

Venture-backed startup is out to change the world. Sure, lots of people make
that claim, but they mean it. Their mission is to fundamentally alter the way
people use their mobile devices. They will be moving to downtown Mountain
View with great access to public transport, food and lively fun.

Skills: Win Mobile(5 or 6), OOD, Visual Studio 2005, Visual C++

Job Description:
This is a terrific opportunity to participate in the development of an application
platform to deliver rich media web services to millions of mobile customers.

Job Responsibility:
1.Design and develop cross platform mobile application to support Windows

2.Collaborate with external teams to port the application layers to various
devices and other open mobile operating systems

3.Utilize and evangelize best of breed programming techniques including
design patterns, re-usable and modular development

Required Skills:
Demonstrated track record of developing, shipping and supporting
application/services on mobile devices

Demonstrated and consistent track record as a significant contributor through
the development career

Ability to quickly master new technologies and push the envelope for
performance and reliability

Defensive coding ability accompanies with strong analytical and problem
solving skills

In-depth debugging skills; ability to reach out and use team strengths to
solve problems

Good sense of humor and can-do spirit

Required Experience:
3-5 years experience in mobile application development in C++ on Windows
Mobile platform. Demonstrable use of object oriented development, application
frameworks, memory management, file I/O, network & socket programming,
concurrency and multi-threading. Experience with Industry standards and device
porting knowledge is very desirable.

BS/MS in Computer Science, Engineering or relevant discipline and experience

Monday, November 19, 2007

Rich UI Engineer (Contract) - Dallas, TX

Rich UI Engineer - Dallas, TX (Contract)

Self-driven person with good software architecture background in C/C++, COM, .NET, or JAVA-middleware and/or UI frameworks. The perfect candidate will have Browser framework experience (Mozilla for example)

Experience required:

Strong C/C++ background;

Microsoft COM (Component Object Model) and/or CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture);

XML (Extensible Markup Language)

ECMA (Java Script)

Record of architecting and/or leading middleware projects based on the technologies above;

Frosting on the cake:

XUL (XML User-interface Language)

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

XBL (XML binding language)

RDF (Resource Description Framework)


Embedded devices experience

Interested? Please forward your resume to

Saturday, September 29, 2007

T-Mobile Jobs - the recruiter's chat

T-mobile Jobs - the recruiters chat

Listen to the recruiters of T-Mobile’s Engineering/Operations team discuss their jobs and find out from them why T-Mobile is a great place to work. You’ll hear regional recruiters Dennis Smith, Jen Hinkle, Ryan Pothoven, Mattea Cirrincionne, Kristen Kunath & Sherri Howe. Some of the jobs discussed are RF Engineers, Field Technicians , Real Estate & Zoning Manager and Construction Manager. To apply visit

MP3 File

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Virgin IPO

Wireless communications company Virgin Mobile USA Inc., a joint venture of Sprint Nextel Corp. and the Virgin Group, expects to raise about $375.6 million after expenses from its planned initial public offering, according to a regulatory filing Tuesday.

In the Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Virgin Mobile said it expects the IPO, which totals 27.5 million shares, to price between $15 and $17 per share. The expected net proceeds assume a price of $16 per share.

The company is offering 25.6 million shares of Class A common stock. A group of shareholders, including Best Buy Inc. and Sprint Ventures, are selling an additional 1.9 million shares.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cy-Fi, the new wireless bicycle speaker (for the iPod)

PC World reports on a new wireless bicycle speaker .. for the iPod:

The Cy-Fi is a new wireless bicycle speaker for the iPod. It's being introduced at this week's Interbike 2007 Expo in Las Vegas and is expected to go on sale early in 2008 for US$149.95.

The Cy-fi includes a wireless speaker that connects to the bicycle's frame. It's slightly larger than a deck of cards, according to the manufacturer, and weighs less than five ounces. A transmitter connects to the 30-pin dock connector on the bottom of the iPod.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Job Search Frustrations

An article in the latest issue of references the contant challenges and frustrations of jobseekers.

The articles references a recent study jointly published by Kennedy Information, the Bureau of National Affairs, and Monster Intelligence. The resulting data suggest that...

"...job descriptions themselves may be single-handedly fueling the lion's share
of top talent's frustration."
Having seen my share of poorly written job descriptions, I can understand the frustration jobseekers might feel with regard to job-fit related challenges.

Check out the full Data Watch article to get a clear picture of the takeaway this info provides for recruiters and hiring organizations alike (click HERE).

Friday, May 04, 2007

Sr. MMS Engineer (Snoqualmie,WA) T-Mobile

Not only is Jodi Lovegrove the T-Mobile Recruiter with the coolest last name, she's also the one responsible for the nationwide recruiting activity that supports our National Engineering Operations team.

Wow, it's hard to say all that in one small breath.

Anyway, Jodi just opened an H3 campaign for one of her positions:

Sr. MMS Engineer, Snoqualmie, WA
If you are interested in this position, or, know somebody who is, please access Jodi's campaign by following the link HERE.

Please note: all T-Mobile Employees will follow the standard process (Employee Referral Program) for referring candidates. And, yes, they'll still get their big chunk of change if we make the hire.

However, everybody else can use Jodi's H3 campaign to refer someone for the job.

Did I just hear somebody say,

"Hey, what's in it for me?"
Well, if you refer the candidate that gets the job, Jodi's got a $1,000 dollar bill with your picture on it. And Jodi loves to give away money

So, c'mon, let's make Lovegrove happy,

Click on the campaign and let's get crankin'!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Scoop On Cellphones

The Atlanta Journal Constitution's Soyia Ellison says there's so many flavors of cellphones available for the mobile connoisseur, that Baskin Robbin's should be ashamed for only offering up 31 flavors.

Want a phone to call home from the grocery store and ask your wife if you're out of milk? You got it.

Want one that'll capture video of that amazing back flip your cat does off the kitchen table when she thinks no one is looking? You got it.

Want a cellphone that will let you sync your home and work e-mail — and view it all on one tiny screen? You can have that, too.
Check out Soyia Ellison's AJC article HERE to see which phone she says is like

"Coffee (Ice Cream) with Chocolate Chunks!"

Friday, April 13, 2007

Taking Wireless to the WiMax

Sprint Nextel to launch network in Chicago that will offer Internet on the go with broadband-like speed

From the Chicago Tribune:
With the digital age increasingly going wireless, Chicago soon will become one of the first cities in the country to have access to the next generation of computer communication, in which people will keep connected to the Internet wherever they go.

The new network, constructed by Motorola Inc., will be operated by Sprint Nextel Corp. and will envelop the region in a digital signal as powerful as the broadband service used by many homes and businesses.
Get the complete read HERE.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

HOT JOBS: Director, Engineering - RF (Parsippany, NJ) T-Mobile

Director, Engineering - RF

Manage a regional team that consists of the following core functions:

Automatic Frequency Planning (AFP), BSS Engineering, Capacity Planning, Data Engineering and TDOA.

The job duties include but are not limited to:

Frequency Planning, BSC/TCU/PCUSN dimensioning and forecasting, Radio Access Capacity planning, New technology rollouts, TDOA Administration including Network dimensioning, New deployments and KPI monitoring.

Director will play a key role in developing and managing regional markets network performance and KPI targets, serving as the subject matter experts to the local markets.

High level of competency in all aspects of Radio Network Design and optimization. Includes but not limited to: Antenna theory, GSM Call processing, RF propagation theory, Field based measurement systems and interpretation, understanding of GSM Radio based call statistics such as dropped calls, BER, and Handover.

The candidate must posses a strong financial understanding, be able to create and manage departmental budgets, prepare and adjudicate business cases, as well as manage large technical projects.

This candidate will have strong leadership skills, with the ability to conceive, communicate, and implement design and operation concepts that improve the performance of the network and the efficiency of the RF teams.

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, BSEE is preferred.

8+ years Cellular/PCS industry experience.

5+ years RF Management experience in heading a team of engineers and/or technicians.

Hands on experience with GSM technology strongly preferred.

Please send your resume to Dennis @

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Father of Wireless (and Wireless Jobs)

Martin Cooper. Just an average genius working for the man at Motorola .

But on April 3, 1973, Dr. Martin Cooper placed a call to rival Joel Engel, head of research at AT&T's Bell Labs, while walking the streets of New York City talking on the first Motorola DynaTAC prototype.

And so the levers of cell phone obsession began to turn.

10 years later, the Brick was born, and those who had the cash dropped almost $4,000 for the 10-inch, 28-ounce anchor created by Coop and his team of engineers at Moto.

The differences between Cooper's Brick and today's phone? Can you say, calendar, calculator, alarm clock, gps, video, web browser, and MP3 Player?

Dahl's article offers up a bit of history that I find seriously amusing:

Analysts in 1983 predicted that by 2000, there would be 900,000 wireless users in the United States.


There were more than 100 million wireless users by the end of 2000, and 229 million at the end of last year. My family alone accounts for four of the 229 million (I'll be adding three more in the not-to-distant future).

Yes, my Blackberry is never far from reach. I exchange text messages with my team late at night and early in the morning (cut it out, Jen!) ; )

On the chance that I've misplaced it (along with my keys), I'm irritated 'til it's safely back in my front pocket.

I glance at my messages while driving to work (just kidding, Mr. State Farm Insurance Man!). I send my wife and children secret messages throughout the day. I am always connected.

Geez, thanks Mr. Cooper. No, really, thanks! We complain about being overly-connected, but if we're honest, most of us wouldn't have it any other way.

Don't get me wrong...I'm not saying it's healthy. But it's our reality (and I like it).

Reality also says that about one-fourth of all wireless calls have at least one problem (2006 study by J.D. Power and Associates). Whether it's dropped calls, disconnected calls, static, or interference, the problems exist. And if we're grumpy when we can't find our Blackberry, we're even grumpier when we drop a call.


Because we can't stand not being connected! Like I said, I'm not proud of this particular mental illness, but I'm not about to change. Even if that means I have to crawl on my roof line at midnight in the middle of a thunder storm, I'm going to make that phone call, by golly!

Even the Father of Wireless (Cooper) agrees with us. He's now 79 years old, owns six cell phones, carries three and pays the bills for 20. He was even talking on his cell phone for his interview with Dahl, explaining that he understands our obsession, our need, to have a signal:

"When you've got that phone, you feel connected, you feel part of a group,"
says Cooper.
"Who's the group? It's everyone in the world, on your cell phone."
Yep, Dr. Cooper still gets it.

Because the most important thing is being able to stay connected to the most important people in our lives.

Thanks Father Cooper Wireless.

Here's to 30 more years of wireless connectivity and the jobs that make it happen.

source: McClatchy Newspapers, Melissa Dahl

Monday, April 09, 2007

ZTE Gets Order for $3.1 Billion China Mobile Network

Bloomberg writes…ZTE Corp., China’s biggest publicly listed telephone equipment maker, won orders from China Mobile Communications Corp. to equip part of the nation’s first high- speed wireless network.

The company’s stock surged.

source: wirelessnews

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Want a "" Blog Badge? Anyone ... anyone....Bueller?

I'm not really so presumptuous as to think anybody would want a "" badge for their blog.

If I'm wrong, just click the "want this badge?" link above.

Create your own blog badge at


Friday, April 06, 2007

MetroPCS hoping to raise USD1 billion from IPO

I have some buddies at MetroPCS who used to ply their engineering wares at AT&T Wireless.

For their sakes, I hope their IPO just goes bananas.

Then, maybe they'll take me out to lunch, or send me a couple of Texas Lotto tickets.

Here's the story about their hopes for bringing in 1B in the IPO (courtesy of WirelessNews).

Elvis to Headline @ ERExpo 2007 (San Diego)

C'mon, meet me @ ERExpo 2007 and we'll talk Recruiting and eat a coupla' Peanut Butter 'n Banana sandwiches, eh?

It doesn't get much better than that.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

20 Most Interesting Wireless Startups

Paul D. Kretkowski (DailyWireless) brings us a nice post today:

20 Most Interesting Wireless Startups
I'll list the 20 Wireless Startups here, and you can check out DailyWireless for the specifics on each HERE.

1) Admob

2) Blyk
The first free mobile virtual network operator (MVNO).

3) FON
A HotSpot in every pot.

4) Futuretxt

5) I'minlikewithyou
Interesting concept, just won't apply to me.

6) Jajah
I'm liking this one - make VoIP calls from your PC or landline w/o downloads or plug-ins - even w/o having broadband.

7) Jaiku Mobile

8) Jott
Dictation turned in to email?

9) Medio
Mobile search

10) Mozes
Send and receive mobile messages to and from your fave bands, social groups, friends.

11) MyGADS

12) myMobileMedia
Giving mobile subscribers access to their PC (music, pictures, video).

13) Obopay
This just might be my fave of the 20...will allow me to make $$ transfers alarmingly ez (backed/secured by MasterCard).

4 words: Money on your phone.

14) Radar
Instant picture conversations with your favorite people and no one else.

15) Streamverse

16) Teleflip
Email on your cell phone ... for free.

17) Twitter
If you don't know what Twitter is yet, I can't explain it to you. Well, yes I can. Twitter answers the question, "What are you doing?"

Assuming somebody cares.

18) Thrrum

19) VoiceThread
Create a voicethread and collect the stories behind your pictures.

20) ZenZui
Stop surfing. Start Zooming.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Be Visible, Be Ziki

I mentioned in this post yesterday about the necessity for job seekers to create a web profile and join a community.

If you haven't been to Ziki yet, check it out. In fact,

Check out my Ziki HERE.

Then use this link to accept my invitation and register for a FREE Ziki account.

Once you've created your Ziki profile, please join my network!


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Slugging through the War for Talent

Take heart job seekers!

The chips are stacked on your side of the table, and in the war for talent, employers think they know what you want.

But most are still found wanting.

According to a study released today by Development Dimensions International (DDI), and Monster®, today's job market is increasingly in the hands of the candidate.

The study, titled Slugging Through the War for Talent: Selection Forecast 2006-2007, reveals that 73 percent of staffing directors report competition for talent has increased since 2005, while 79 percent expect it to further intensify in 2007.

Candidates are in a very powerful positionorganizations need to think about hiring as a competitive practice if they want to attract the best people,
said Scott Erker, senior vice president of DDIs Selection Solutions.

Right now, there is a significant gap between what candidates want and what employers think they want. Thats dangerous for organizations, because many dont understand the motivations of the candidate sitting right in front of them.
This is DDIs third study of hiring and recruiting practice since 1999, providing perspective on the changing shape of the hiring market over the last eight years.

The report, which reflects responses from staffing directors, hiring managers and job seekers across five global regions, examines recruitment, selection and retention practices and reveals that a tightening labor market has subsequently led to a power shift toward job seekers.

In order to lure top talent in this increasingly competitive environment, the
findings suggest that
employers must identify, understand
and respond to job seekers
motivations and desires.

The study also outlines the tactics and strategies organizations can implement to improve their hiring systems and better meet job seekers needs.

The recruiting industry has acknowledged for several years that retiring Baby Boomers, coupled with a tightening labor market, would eventually bring about an acute labor shortage. However, the survey findings indicate that this eventuality is already upon us,
said Neal Bruce, vice president of alliances, Monster.

Select Survey Highlights

  • Its a buyers market.
  • There is a gap between employer perceptions and candidate realities.
  • Turnover is rapid.
  • Interviews can be dealmakers or deal breakers.
The executive summary, "Selection Forecast 2006-2007" is is currently available online from DDI HERE and the Monster Intelligence web site, HERE.

Check out the complete article on

Google Kicks Mobi Search in High Gear

Google, in response to Yahoo's oneSearch, has upgraded its WAP-based search to incorporate more data and information into results.

Check out Google's Blog where Yael Shacham gives the 411 on mobile search (HERE). Yael is the Product Mgr for Google's Mobile team).

Starting today, they've made the new mobile search openly available - take it for a spin here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sr. Manager, Engineering Development - TMobile Nashville, TN

At T-Mobile, we're looking for the next big idea. Yours.

Our job search is on, and we're looking for an extraordinary leader to join us in Nashville, TN as a Senior Manager of Engineering Development (click title for extended job description).

Check out the link, or send me an email expressing your interest.

Geeked-out-slamdunkin-engineering folks only need apply.

Dennis Smith

Sr. Manager, Recruiting
T-Mobile USA (Blog)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Business 2.0's 25 Startups to Watch

Click here to meet Business 2.0's pick of the litter in five categories that embody the spirit of the Next Net: social media, video, mobile, online advertising, and enterprise applications.

The list is pretty impressive.

Here's the top startups in each of the 5 categories (click each picture for a website view):

Thursday, January 11, 2007

iPhone Engineering Jobs @ Apple

I got an email from Paul Galli at Apple asking for help to spread the word about iPhone engineering jobs at Apple .

Click HERE to check out the link.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Need a Job? Don't Call 1-800-SPRINTJOBS

Sprint Nextel, the third-largest wireless carrier in the United States, plans to lay off about

5, 000 employees in the coming months, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

The company suffered a net loss of about 300,000 wireless subscribers in the last quarter of 2006, said company officials on Monday. They projected lower sales for 2007 than analysts has anticipated.

Most of the planned layoffs will be completed by early April, they said, and will be spread throughout the company, whose total employees are about 64,600.

Sprint and Nextel Communications merged in 2005 with the hope that the two wireless companies would become a vibrant force offering attractive new products and services. But the firm has struggled to manage its networks, and customers have increasingly turned to such rivals as Cingular and Verizon Wireless.

The company also said it plans to eliminate 300 retail stores and kiosks as well as one million square feet of leased space by the end of the year. Last year it relinquished two million square feet of office space.

source: People's Daily Online

Blog 1.0 + Resume 1.0 = Resume 2.0?

Nice post by The Social Revolution Blog, as he discusses the various factors of: Resume 2.0.

I agree with his thoughts about resumes in general: they've been around a long time and they aren't going anywhere.

Blogs will not replace resumes.

But one's blog might be the very reason I decide to reach out to a specific candidate. Bottomline, I can learn things about a candidate's blog (their opinions - passion - dislikes - even things they don't want me to know) that I might not be able to glean from their resume.

But if I'm the candidate, I want to send you my resume. You can read my blog and get a general feel for my recruiting philosophy. But many of the bell/whistle accomplishments that you would need to know about me, are not going to be communicated via my blog.

So, in my opinion, I have two resumes:

  1. Soft copy
  2. Blog copy
But you'll need both to fully understand this recruiting geek.

Monday, January 08, 2007

10 Predictions for Wireless in 2007

Dean Bubley (Disruptive Wireless) put together a nice list revealing his 10 predictions for wireless in 2007.

Get the complete list with his commentary HERE (from

Here's a quick run-down:

1) Increased focus on manufacturers selling multiple "diverged" devices to users.

It only makes sense that Nokia (NOK), Apple (AAPL), Motorola (MOT) would want to offer multiple, simple, well-designed devices....strong margins should follow.

2) A lot of noise about VoIP over 3G.

Sure to steal much of the spotlight in '07.

3) Emergence of corporate-focused MVNOs

Dean says that he's waited forever, but that this could finally happen in '07.

4) Continued uptake of various dual-mode services & handsets, but they won't change the world

Dean posted last week about UMA/non-UMA developments and gave his predictions (I hope he's wrong). But he's predicting that this is still too much of a niche game.

5) Spectrum lobbying noise, regulation momentum and lawsuits ratchet up several notches.

Dean predicts that the lawyers will stay busy (2.5GHz licenses - spectrum neutrality - getting 900Mhz GSM ready for UMTS, etc....)

6) IMS confounds both its critics and its evangelists, but needs to improve integration ASAP.

The key lesson for IMS advocates to learn during 2007 will be integration - come down from your ivory towers & learn how to blend IMS with non-IMS - the real Internet, enterprise networks, SDP's, music & TV platforms and so forth. If the IMS community doesn't wholeheartedly embrace these areas of integration, in both the network and on devices, it will stagnate in 2008 and die in 2009. Isolation and "purity" is doom.

7) Navigation becomes rather more important on mobiles. Mobile search doesn't.

Handset-based navigation will become more prevalent (I agree).

Mobile search is going to take some time.

8) The City WiFi bubble bursts

Deano's not a fan of the muni-wifi. Seeing how I'm a fan of the T-Mo Hotspot, I guess I'm not either.

9) Flat-rate data becomes the norm, with browsing the killer app, driven by high-res screens

All Dean comments in numbers 9 and 10 - too interesting to summarize:

I'm still waiting for my trial X-Series phone, but I've been increasingly impressed with browsing experience recently. While cheap data tariffs are one critical driver, another has been largely overlooked - increasing screen resolution. The standard for mid-to-high end phones is now QVGA (320x240 pixels). This will increase, either with Nokia's weird 416x352 (or something like that) or more standardized full VGA (640x480). I'm a firm believer that there is no "Mobile Web," and that most people would much prefer a mobile broadband ISP experience, accessing the one, real, Internet. And of course, that means their favorite web brands & downloadable add-on client software too. The signs are already there at the end of 2006, but 2007 will be the year the mobile industry stops fantasizing about beating Google and Yahoo and Skype, and instead just gets on with optimizing their performance for their customers. Long live the Smart Pipe strategy . . .

10) No, No, No, No, No

OK, this post is already long enough, so I don't have time to detail my reasons for all of these, but I'm sure they'll crop up on the blog in coming months. Mobile IM won't replace SMS (sorry VoIP fans . . . ). Laptops with built-in HSDPA won't sell much (and even where they do, the cellular bit won't be activated by most owners). WiMAX will get a few more major operator advocates, but still won't be seen as a threat to "normal cellular." Mobile TV won't make much headway. Web 2.0 stuff like social networking really won't be a big deal in mobile outside Japan, Korea & maybe the US, unless carriers work out a way to give decent Internet access & capable devices to prepay users.

Oh, and maybe Apple's Phone-i (hey, Linksys got the iPhone brand . . . won't play music at all, but will be "just a phone." See point 1.