Saturday, September 29, 2007

T-Mobile Jobs - the recruiter's chat

T-mobile Jobs - the recruiters chat

Listen to the recruiters of T-Mobile’s Engineering/Operations team discuss their jobs and find out from them why T-Mobile is a great place to work. You’ll hear regional recruiters Dennis Smith, Jen Hinkle, Ryan Pothoven, Mattea Cirrincionne, Kristen Kunath & Sherri Howe. Some of the jobs discussed are RF Engineers, Field Technicians , Real Estate & Zoning Manager and Construction Manager. To apply visit

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Virgin IPO

Wireless communications company Virgin Mobile USA Inc., a joint venture of Sprint Nextel Corp. and the Virgin Group, expects to raise about $375.6 million after expenses from its planned initial public offering, according to a regulatory filing Tuesday.

In the Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Virgin Mobile said it expects the IPO, which totals 27.5 million shares, to price between $15 and $17 per share. The expected net proceeds assume a price of $16 per share.

The company is offering 25.6 million shares of Class A common stock. A group of shareholders, including Best Buy Inc. and Sprint Ventures, are selling an additional 1.9 million shares.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cy-Fi, the new wireless bicycle speaker (for the iPod)

PC World reports on a new wireless bicycle speaker .. for the iPod:

The Cy-Fi is a new wireless bicycle speaker for the iPod. It's being introduced at this week's Interbike 2007 Expo in Las Vegas and is expected to go on sale early in 2008 for US$149.95.

The Cy-fi includes a wireless speaker that connects to the bicycle's frame. It's slightly larger than a deck of cards, according to the manufacturer, and weighs less than five ounces. A transmitter connects to the 30-pin dock connector on the bottom of the iPod.