Saturday, December 30, 2006

New York City Cabs to Map Out Cell-Phone Dead Zones

Ericsson recently got approval from New York's taxi commission to place mobile sensors in the trunks of at least 50 cabs in an attempt to better map dead zones in mobile phone networks.

The small devices, about the size of a computer modem, will automatically feed information about signal strength and clarity to engineers.

Because taxis in New York are on the road all day and all night, and ostensibly travel into every corner of the city, company executives said they are a cheap way of covering vast amounts of territory with limited effort.

The research program is being conducted on behalf of an undisclosed wireless provider. Cab companies will be paid for participating.

Source: AP,

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wireless service providers assess past, look to future


As the year draws to a close some of the largest US wireless service providers spoke of their accomplishments in 2006 and are looking ahead to their goals for the New Year.

Cingular Wireless announced on Wednesday that its 3G network now reaches 160 markets, which was the company's goal for 2006. Cingular's 3G wireless technology is based on High-Speed Downlink Packet Access/Universal Mobile Telecommunications System more typically referred to as HSDPA/UMTS. The technology boosts download speeds of between 400Kbps and 700Kbps.

The wireless service provider says its 3G network now includes large cities including Chicago, Dallas, New York and San Francisco. Like other 3G wireless data services, customers can use Cingular's HSDPA/UMTS offering to access their e-mail, the Internet or corporate office applications.

While Cingular has made strides this year upgrading its network to 3G, it's still behind its two rivals Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless.

Sprint announced Wednesday that it has put its US$7 billion network investment to good work this year surpassing its 3G deployment goals.

While Verizon Wireless didn't announce its year-end accomplishments Wednesday, the service provider did announce a $2 billion five-year deal with Nortel Networks. Verizon will be using Nortel Code Division Multiple Access 2000 (CDMA2000)- based gear to upgrade its network. They will be deploying new base stations, switching and optical network gear from Nortel.

Verizon also said that it is offering EV-DO Rev 0 services throughout the United States potentially reaching as many as 150 million customers. Despite requests, the carrier would not say exactly how many cities or markets it is currently offering EV-DO services.

Verizon Wireless, like Sprint, announced earlier this year that it would be rolling out EV-DO Rev A services. But Verizon has not revealed the cities or markets it is targeting for its initial Rev A upgrades.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The top 7 mobile and wireless trends for 2007

The top mobile and wireless trends that will emerge in 2007 wouldn't be possible without the two biggest stories of 2006:

the advent of the cheap smart phone, and Sprint Nextel's bodacious announcement that it is building a nationwide mobile WiMax network.

So before looking ahead, let's take a brief look behind.

Toward the end of 2006, a glut of competent smart phones costing $200 or less hit the market, which is two to three times less expensive than similar phones had been previously. These phones include the BlackBerry Pearl, Samsung's BlackJack, Nokia's E62 and the Treo 680. This trend will lead to far broader adoption not just of smart phones but also of many applications.

The other top mobile and wireless story for 2006 was Sprint's announcement that it would build a $3 billion nationwide mobile WiMax network, which it expects to start rolling out by the end of 2007. Sprint will use an enormous chunk of wireless spectrum it inherited when it merged with Nextel in 2005. No other U.S. mobile operator comes close to having that amount of spectrum available, making it highly unlikely that any of Sprint's competitors could launch a competing network.

These two top stories of 2006 lead us to my predictions of the seven top mobile and wireless trends for 2007. Some of these trends will fully flower in 2007, while in other cases we'll just see the start of a big trend that will develop more fully in years to come.

1. More mobile access, more competition
2. The era of 'the big bundle'
3. The democratization of mobile e-mail
4. Search and discovery
5. Mobility gets social
6. Convergence: One phone, many places
7. Media, media, media

For the complete details of these top 7 mobile trends for 2007, check out this ComputerWorld article in its entirety, HERE.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Cingular turns cell phones into wallets in NY

Some Cingular Wireless cardholders in New York City will be testing a new service that allows them to make purchases with their cell phones.

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Man sentenced for disrupting wireless Internet services

A Utah man who brought down the wireless Internet services offered by a former employer has been sentenced to two years in prison, the Department of Justice announced Thursday.

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How an iPhone could rock wireless

(Fortune) -- If Steve Jobs' Apple decides to build a wireless phone, as widely rumored, the company has the chance to shake up not just the wireless device business - an industry dominated by the likes of Motorola and Nokia - it also could upend the entire wireless distribution model in the United States.

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Mobile Pay Pass - Is It Safe?

Pre-selected Citi MasterCard cardholders with Cingular Wireless accounts are participating in the trial and will receive Nokia NFC-enabled mobile phones with MasterCard PayPass payment functionality.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Not a Fan of Cingular, But You Gotta Love the Touchdown Dance School Commercial

Students produce movies with cellphones

The cameras capture the young man walking down the stairs, reciting a monologue about the three things people should know about him: His favorite movie is Gone with the Wind, he loves roller coasters and he hates when people don't take him seriously.

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What Is Wireless Security?

This article covers the types of attacks wireless networks encounter, preventive measures to reduce the chance of attack, guidelines administrators can follow to protect their company's wireless LAN, and an excellent supply of online resources for setting up a secure wireless network.

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Watch cable TV on your cell phone? Soon.

Embracing a technology that has unnerved media and telecommunications companies, a major European wireless provider will let customers watch their home cable TV on a cell phone if they also have a device called the Slingbox back at the house.

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Can a cell phone make your work out better?

I'll come out and say it, I am not a huge fan of exercising. Houston's hot summers don't encourage me any either. So when Verizon Wireless approached me to test the BiM Active program from Bones in Motion on its Chocolate Phone, I was curious. Could this service actually get me off the couch and out the door now that temperatures have fallen?

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Slingbox coming to European cell phones

NEW YORK - Embracing a technology that has unnerved media and telecommunications companies, a major European wireless provider will let customers watch their home cable TV on a cell phone if they also have a device called the Slingbox back at the house.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

The cell phones of tomorrow

Live television channels by next year, tagging in two years and much more.

Future mobile phones will entertain, amaze - and even make calls.

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Cellular Banking: Cellphones Take Over for Banking in Certain Countries

About half a million South Africans now use their mobile phones as a bank. Apparently, while most South Africans do not have traditional bank accounts, most do have mobile phones.

If this technology continues to spread, it could change the way banking is done in certain countries (namely, most of Africa).

Cellular banking could become the norm.

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Cellphones Are Crime Busters

An audio interview about the use of Cellphone images and video for crime solving.

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Pew Research: 1 in 10 Americans Have Cut the Cord and are Cellphone Only

Pew Research: 1 in 10 Americans Have Cut the Cord

This story relates how this fact effects political polling and studies the political and demographic make up for Cell phone only users.

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What you need to know before you sign a cellphone contract

What you need to know before you sign up for a new cellphone plan.

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Used phones drive Third World wireless boom

With the number of cell phones in use worldwide hitting 2.5 billion and rising, recycled phones are playing a growing role in the spread of wireless communications across the developing world, where land lines can be costly or unavailable.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Slingbox - home TV pictures on your mobile

Sling Media, the company behind Slingbox, the broadband TV broadcast box, was at the Smartphone Show in London this week, telling everyone it will have a viewing client for smartphone mobile phones available by the end of the year.

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T-Mobile Tattoos MOTORAZR V3s

Just launched from T-Mobile, these tattooed MOTO RAZRs let everyone know that even though they've been around the block a few times, they can still break a pool cue over someone's head with the best of them.

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Watch Google Video on your phone

A Web application that lets you search for and play Google videos on your phone. Well, on some phones, anyway.

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Mobile Phones Deliver Beauty Tips

Mobile phone users can now get beauty tips via their device. As the cell phone market expands and new features are added, manufacturers are going all out to beat the competition.

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One billion cellphones to ship this year

Despite a soft second quarter, both in terms of units and average selling prices, the mobile phone market is expected to achieve shipments of one billion units this year, according to ABI Research. Over 245 million mobile handsets shipped in Q3, and 4Q is expected to be a "bumper quarter."

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Can Cellphones Use the Web 2.0 Applications?

Experts said that mobile phones will not be able to use many of Web 2.0 services due to some constraints. For example, Google Maps is built on Ajax (like many other Web 2.0 services). Ajax pushes data to the client device which speeds up future user requests but on a mobile phone, decreases fast battery life and chuck up the limited memory onboard.

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mDive Mobile Polling Reaches Elusive Markets

scenarioDNA and Mobile Transit Authority, announced today that they have extended their strategic partnership and launched a new mobile opinion solution called mDive. mDive is a turnkey mobile-based market research solution that engages consumers on their cell phones. mDive provides a timely and enhanced method of understanding critical marketing n

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Shots Heard in Mobile WiMAX Revolution

High Speed, Low Cost At last week's conference, Nortel Networks Corp. showcased a cellular base station transceiver for mobile WiMax applications that it plans to start selling to wireless carriers next year.

Cut through the buzz and the message is pretty clear: Mobile WiMAX is not yet ready for prime time.

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Ohhh Nooo... IBM RFID Demo Disrupts Nearby Cell Phone Signals

IBM had to stop a recent RFID demo at the Australian Tennis Open after the tech was found to be blocking signals from a nearby Vodafone tower -- the incident confirmed long-running concerns that RFID readers could disrupt towers in Vodafone's mobile phone network because of overlaps in the frequencies used...

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Quitting Your Cellphone Service: Make a New Plan, Stan

Our Consumerist comrades point to handy tips showing how to get out of a cellular service contract that no longer pleases you.

Say you want that latest cellphone but your plan doesn't offer it. Unfortunately, sometimes it's easier to get a divorce than it is to get away from Verizon Wireless (or any other provider). Here's our favorite ways...

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Verizon Broadband Wireless "Unlimited" Scam

Verizon has been marketing it's broadband wireless as "unlimited"; however, it is actually limited. Customers who pass the secret threshold of 5GB usage per month for 3 months in a row are immediately terminated without question.

Quite a scam.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Warning: Tears can damage your cell phone

Source: Cellular Blog (

A good friend of mine learned something about the vulnerability of technology this week when her cell phone died after she cried into it.

"You're kidding?!" I said incredulously as my friend Amy told me the reason I couldn't reach her on the phone most of the week. Unlike some of her more effusive phone conversations, the call in question had lasted only around 10 minutes, with maybe five minutes of actual water flow, she said.

Amy knew something was wrong almost immediately--and this time it wasn't her relationship.
"The keypad started to malfunction. I couldn't hit the 'send' button, and that was very sad," she said. The next day the Sprint customer support people told her the phone had water corrosion.
"I was told I had one to two days to get my phone numbers off the (old) phone," said Amy, who hurriedly transferred the data before it was lost. But she wasn't able to save the 150-plus "supersweet" text messages from her boyfriend. That was "truly the worst thing" about the whole ordeal, Amy said.

The phone meltdown "was a big deal," she said, with no small amount of anguish. "It affected several of my jobs and affected my relationship."

But later her boyfriend laughed it off, even joking that he should get her a waterproof cover for her new cell phone.

Eight states to pilot Mobile VoIP over xMax/WiFi

The VoIP Service Blog tells us that Far Reach Technologies is set to deploy mobile VoIP services in 76 markets across eight states, starting with Volusia County, Florida in March 2007.

The wireless networks will use xMax technology, developed by xG, and access will be offered for a flat rate.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

T-Mobile and Apple Deal in the Works? We Think Not.

We were listening in on the conference last friday, and honestly, didn't get the vibe that the CEO was talking about a partnership. He was just talking about making T-Mobile more Apple-like, and not hinting at a future iPhone release on their network.

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Those Awful Hats - 1909's Please Turn Off Your Cellphone

Even back in 1909, watching in theaters had problems like cellphones in today's theaters.
A gentleman with a top hat, and a series of women with ever more ludicrous hats enter a movie theatre. They refuse to remove them, until a giant bucket forcibly removes one hat...

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Cell Phone Tracking

Cheating spouse? Paranoid about your kids? This is definitely a hot topic for those individuals looking to see where their family members are going. New services are starting to emerge such as WORLD-TRACKER.COM in the UK and AccuTracking in the US...

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Cingular Wireless sues telemarketers for unsolicited calls

"Cingular Wireless, a joint venture between AT&T Inc. and BellSouth Corp. on Tuesday said it filed three lawsuits in a U.S. federal court against telemarketers to stop them from making unsolicited and illegal calls to Cingular customers."

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Wireless iPod?

Rumors of a widescreen wireless ipod

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Cell Phone Keypad Lights Way For Helicopter Hiker Rescue

Listen to the 9-1-1 call as a pair of young adults are rescued from the wilderness near Los Angeles thanks to the keypad *light* from a nearly dead cellphone.

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Condoms get high-tech: make love to the sound of cellphone music

A Ukrainian scientist has invented a condom that plays music during sex. A miniature loudspeaker and motion sensor implanted in the condom's upper cuff provides a range of musical tones during sex. Music volume depends on intensity of love-making and tone varies based on the sexual position.

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Tired of sneaking your cellphone in class?

Change your ringtone to a high frequency sound! Most people over 30 are unable to hear the sound. Click the mp3 and find out if you can hear the noise.

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Survey: West Coasters most polite cellphone users

Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung) announced today the findings of a survey focused on consumer cell phone etiquette.

Surprisingly, the survey revealed that while the West Coast was a little less tolerant of public cell phone use, there seemed to be a general agreement on when and where not to make or receive cell phone calls.

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Beer on Your Phone

I've written a simple page that allows for queries of all beer related locations in the database. I kept the page extremely simple with the intention of it being easily readable on my own cell phone. I've never done markup for mobile pages so feel free to comment if you have experience.

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Windows Mobile "Crossbow" in the wild

Here ya go WinMo lovers, a screen shot of the purported next generation Windows Mobile OS codenamed Crossbow, courtesy of MS Mobile News.

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T-Mobile hearts Apple. Deal in the works?

T-Mobile's CEO (USA), Robert Dotson, spent a bit of time at a press conference last Friday discussing what a shining example of innovation Apple is and how "Apple's and T-Mobile's visions seem to be aligned."

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Wireless tower operators face off

Crown Castle will advance to the top spot with the acquisition of Global Signal. Now it's nearest rival American Tower's play

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First Ever Under-Sea WiFi

Because radio waves don't travel through salt water, divers can't talk to or text each other without using clumsy wired devices. But now British firm Wireless Fibre Systems, based in Livingston, claims it has developed a wireless modem that works underwater.

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

The PS3's gaming engine -- now in your cellphone!

The Cell processor sits at the heart of the PlayStation 3, most powerful game console yet developed, and a high-performance computer from IBM and now Toshiba wants to put that power into mobile devices and cellphones.

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Dialed In: Nokia Brings the Keyboard Back

Every now and then, Nokia launches a phone that flies under the radar and develops a small but loyal following. Such was the case with the company's 6800 series of phones. Launched a few years back, these compact phones were novel for their flip-out keyboards. The series went away, but now Nokia is bringing it back with the similarly styled E70.

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T-Mobile Dash Product and User Guide

Catwoman broke into the T-Mobile servers and dropped a whole load of internal documents down our chimneys for all to see. The notable ones are the product guide (posted below), sales guides (to help them sell the product), a comparison to the Motorola Q on Verizon (posted below), and a FAQ to answer customer's questions.

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Open Source Mobile Phoney

Is the DLink V-CLICK an open source Linux powered cellphone revolution, or just old news with a new name?

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Comparison Of Verizon, Sprint and Cingular's High Speed Data Networks

If you were wondering what the difference between Sprint, Verizon and Cingular's high speed cellular data network was, you've come to the right place. A Sprint employee did a comparison of the three, pitting them in a deathmatch based on coverage, performance, terms of service, and pricing.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Hacking Wireless Computers

Fox News shows how hackers access your wireless network for free...
Incredible filmclip.

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Why Americans Don't Get the Coolest Gizmos

For years we have been reading about the latest greatest gadgets on Gizmodo or Engadget only for the product never to see the light of day here in the US. Everything from ultra-portable laptops to the car that can parallel park itself not to mention high-speed wireless networks. So why don't American's always get the newest and coolest gizmos?

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Runners Can Easily Track, Store, and Share Training Info on Cell Phones

A wireless training resource, enables runners to track and store their workouts -- including mileage, split times, caloric burn, elevation changes and other information -- as well as to share running route information from cities around the country, all with the push of a button on their wireless phones.

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Sweet Wifi Finder/Google Maps Mashup..

This is a community-driven listing of cafes with wireless internet access. Browse listings, share reviews and ratings, and add your own cafes.

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T-Mobile outlines plans for 3G network

T-Mobile USA, the fourth largest cell phone provider in the U.S., said Friday it will spend roughly $2.66 billion over the next couple of years to deploy a 3G wireless network. The company, owned by the German carrier Deutsche Telekom, will use the $4.2 billion worth of spectrum licenses it recently bought in the Federal Communications...

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T-Mobile's plans: MySpace, YouTube, iPhone?

The carrier announced plans to roll-out a nationwide UMTS network to enable user-generated content and social networking applications, which follow the Web 2.0 trend, like MySpace and YouTube.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Yahoo serving up search ads on mobile phones

Like Yahoo's sponsored search results on the Web, advertisers will bid in an auction on keywords that will display their ads on the search results page. The service will work on most mobile phones and handhelds that have Web browsing capabilities.

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Wireless Bills Continue to Rise

Overall spending for wireless service has increased significantly from 2004 as customers continue to try new non-voice services a new study finds. During the past three-years, the average monthly wireless bill has increased $11 to reach $66 this year, up from $55 in 2004 J.D Power and Associates reports.

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Hidden dangers of free public WiFi

Research shows that free wireless public networks located in airports and other public places are ripe for exploitation by hackers.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sprint's next leap in wireless: WiMax

Sprint Nextel has given WiMax technology a green light, becoming the first major U.S. carrier to back WiMax for its fourth-generation (4G) wireless data network.

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5.1 channel cellphone from japan

They're still prototypes at this point, so don't expect an official roll-out anytime soon, but these two handsets from NTT DoCoMo are pretty darn hot, considering that they support digital radio in glorious 5.1 surround sound. After all, cell phones aren't just communication devices anymore; they are just as important for their picture-taking, music-jamming, and video-playing capabilities.

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Peep Show: Samsung Trace t519 for T-Mobile

The Samsung Trace (t519) is being sold exclusively at T-Mobile, and has added to the busy release calendar the company has had in the month of September. Check out the peep show...

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Nokia Opens Up Bluetooth Competitor

Looking to take on Bluetooth, Nokia said Tuesday it was open-sourcing its "Wibree" wireless technology. According to the company, Wibree uses a fraction of the power of other radio solutions, and is easily integrated with Bluetooth.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Your Mobile Phone is Such a Scream! No, Really!

A new service launched Monday is designed to deter mobile phone theft by equipping telephones with an ear-piercing scream.

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Nakama - Post Mobile Photos to MySpace, Blogs

Toronto startup Nakama is another new media-sharing site for mobile phones - essentially a more mobile version of Webshots or YouTube. The service, which launched last week, supports mobile uploading of images and videos from your phone via a unique email address.

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Cingular Launches Mobile Podcasting

Cingular Wireless subscribers can now search, download and subscribe to podcasts from their mobile phones for $5/month.

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Wireless Cities

C/Net has a special report on wireless cities, describing communities around the country that are experimenting with wireless networking and counting on Wi-Fi's popularity as a way to revive moribund downtowns that have steadily lost business to suburban malls for decades.

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CSI Wireless: Miami Wireless Customers Make Most Calls

If you think people in Miami make a lot of calls on their wireless phones, you're right.
The average Verizon Wireless customer from Miami makes and receives more calls than Verizon Wireless customers from any other major U.S. city, according to the first Big City Wireless Use Study by Verizon Wireless.

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Milwaukee's Goin' Wireless with a $20m WiFi Network

This week, the clock starts ticking on the 18-month window for Midwest Fiber Networks to complete installation work on the city's wireless Internet service.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

T-Mobile - Releasing new Smartphone: DASH - Oct 16th

T-Mobile DASH to launch in all markets on October 16th 2006.
DASH details: Windows 5.0 Smartphone - 2.4 inch 320x240 QVGA TFT LCD - Memory: ROM 128MB / RAM 64MB - TI OMAP 850 200MHz - WIFI - EDGE / GMS / GPRS Quad-band (850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz) - Bluetooth - Infrared IrDA - Camera: 1.3MP - Battery 970 mAh - mini USB.

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Get Your Hands on a Condom via SMS

MobileMistress brings us a lil' condom-sms-talk, saying there's a new sheriff in town that apparently offers condoms directly to your door by simple text messaging.

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SEO for Mobile Search

Google Mobile Web Search allows you to search for websites that are specifically designed for mobile phones and devices. If the website isn't formatted correctly, then it won't appear in the Mobile SERP's. This article describes the necessity to SEO Mobile websites.

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Why is there no Skype Mobile?

skype CEO talks about issues with mobile phones

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Mobile phones help check drunk driving in Japan

A mobile phone with a breath analyzer is getting popular among transport firms in Japan as it can help the companies conduct tele-checks on the drivers' breath to prevent drunk driving.
The system, developed by NTT DoCoMo Inc, has been introduced to 15 companies since its launch about three months ago.

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New symbol for 'wireless internet access'

Wired is working with NYC Wireless and other organizations to distribute the icon and have it gain global acceptance as the standard symbol of wireless internet access.(Image)

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Is the WiFi Revolution Underway?

A shift in how entertainment is delivered to the home will increase demand for consumer electronics products with wireless networking capabilities and ignite explosive growth for WiFi Latest News about WiFi, according to a study released this week by ABI Research Latest News about ABI Research.

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Verizon's BlackBerry 8703e, Hot or Not?

The hottest or nottest new BlackBerry device reviewed for all you fellow CrackBerry addicts!

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Digg's Top "Technology Digg" in October 2006

The "Worlds Worst Hacker" (hacks

This is a transcript of the worlds dummest hacker on an IRC channel.

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Apple's Sense of Humor: "Do not Eat iPod Shuffle"

We can only assume that Apple had a pica-sufferer on staff when they decided to render the advice highlighted above (that a real screengrab from the iPod Shuffle website, by the way isn't Apple funny?)

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Verizon: "Unlimited bandwidth means 5GBs or less or we cancel your account"

Verizon offers an "unlimited" wireless data download service. Specifically, it's limited to five gig per month. After that, you get fined $175 and your account is cancelled. "The people who cancel your account ... don't know how to answer your questions, they just know how to accuse their customers of downloading porn."

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iPod Phone Prototype

This is one of the concept phones being worked on at the Black Box. No keypads, no buttons, just a huge touchscreen. From the initial pictures it looks like the interface changes on the fly.

I'm digging the black minimalist design overall.

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Cellphones Keeping the Romance Alive?

How can a guy that is so obviously in touch with his feelings not understand the power of that little SMS to show someone you care about them, or the random phone calls saying I just called to say I love you, talk to you later. His answer left me speechless:

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Chatting on cellphones could help reduce traffic congestion

Based on the idea that most people keep their mobile phones on while driving, Lod, Israel-based Cellint created the TrafficSense system to detect the cellular signals and use them to create a real-time moving picture of what's happening on the roads.

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Web 2.0 Creates the Industry of Cool

Erika Brown, toughing it out with Forbes in their Silicon Valley Bureau, reminds us that in the past 18 months, companies that enable podcasting, blogging, Web video and social networking have raised nearly half a billion dollars. Brown also believes that today's tech entrepreneurs have a simple goal: fame and fortune.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

WiFi Lab in Fayetteville, NC Awaiting Funding

A WiFi test lab in Fayetteville is likely to have $1.08 million in federal funding coming its way.

Can you say, "Jobs for Fayetteville" 9 times real fast without messing up?

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U.S. newspaper help-wanted ad index fell in August


Do we expect that it's going to climb? I'm sure glad somebody paid a private research group the $$ to figure this out.

Let me save ya'll some time and $$, ok?

Internet Advertising Revenue: it's going up.
Newspaper Advertising Revenue: it's going down.

Thanks, that'll be $300, please.

Here's an excerpt from the article: (Reuters)

NEW YORK, Sept 28 (Reuters) - The number of help-wanted ads in U.S. newspapers fell in August, a private research group said on Thursday.

The Conference Board said its gauge measuring help-wanted ad volume in the United States read 31 in August, down from 32 in July and from 37 a year ago.

"The latest data show that job advertising in print edged lower again in August, while the rise in ad volume online continued to slow," said Ken Goldstein, labor economist at the Conference Board, in a statement.

"A stronger job market this winter does not seem likely, given the overall economic environment," he added.

Help-wanted ads declined in eight of the index's nine regions in the last three months, with the steepest fall in the West North Central region, the Conference Board said. The ads in that region fell 17.5 percent.

RadioTail Releases Free Podcast Stats Tracking

Podcasting stats and ads company RadioTail is announcing prior to this weekend’s Portable Media Expo in Ontario, California that they are now offering their podcast stat tracking service Ripple for free to any podcaster.

The company hopes that podcasters using the free service will sign up to let RadioTail sell or serve ads for them. Publishers who don’t want to use their web based dyanmic ad serving features are free to use the analytics at no cost indefinitely.

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$$$ + YouTube = Moron?

Mark, baby, so tell us how you really feel about YouTube?

Billionaire investor and dot-com veteran Mark Cuban had harsh words on Thursday for YouTube, the online site that lets people share video clips, saying only a "moron" would purchase the wildly popular start-up.

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10 Tips for Becoming a Better Blogger

If nobody bothers to read your blog posts, you might as well just scribble your thoughts on a cocktail napkin. But if you truly want to share your ideas and opinions, check out these pointers for crafting an engaging blog and building a loyal following.

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David Pogue: There will probably never be an iPhone

Everyone's always asking me when Apple will come out with a cellphone. My answer is, probably never!

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Slimmest Screen For Cellphones Introduced!

The current record holder for the world's slimmest phone, the Samsung SGH-X820, won't be able to hold the crown for a long. LG Philips is claiming to have produced the world's slimmest LCD screen for cellphones.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

TechCrunch breaks feedburner with 1 million feeds - maybe

either has reached a new level in an unprecidented amount of time or they broke feedburner. Tcrunch had 1,115k (yes thats 1,115,000) RSS Subscribers according to their feedburner widget. Yesterday it was 120k. Who's right, who's wrong, who signed up with 900,000 spam emails?

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But there are no pictures! - the rush in text

Marshall Kirkpatrick, from TechCrunch details a selection of the many SMS services that have been popping up lately.

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WiFi USB Super Antenna

Does your wireless network only work in close range to your router? Extend your WiFi network without purchasing an expensive repeater. You'll save money and electricity with the same results by installing the WiFi USB Super Antenna, which will let you access your wireless network from anywhere in the house or on your property, up to a mile away.

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Steve Jobs tells Phil Shiller to Demo Wireless Accelerometer by Jumping

(Video) From 7 years ago, but demonstrates the lengths Apple would go to to entertain Macworld Attendees...After having introduced the AirPort wireless technology at MacWorld NY, Steve insisted that VP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Shiller helped him demo it - as well as entering the "Demo Hall of Fame"

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Slimmest cellphone screens in the world

LG and Philips LCD have worked together to create the slimmest cellphone screens in the world, with a thickness that measures only 1.3mm. This is roughly 32% to 55% slimmer than what their competitors are able to squeeze out.

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Holy Mother of Wireless! Motorola Named Best Place for Mothers

Motorola Named a 2006 Working Mother 100 Best Company by Working Mother Magazine.

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Get a Wireless Network in 60sec

Lantronix today announced the newest version of its award-winning WiBox wireless Device Server, to serve the growing demand for WiFi technology that allows companies to remotely manage and control their appliances and machines over the network or the Internet.

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Verizon Quietly Launches the Moto KRZR

It was less than a week ago we brought news that Verizon Wireless was going to be the first to launch Motorola's follow-up to the ubiquitous RAZR, the Moto KRZR K1m. We also told you that it would happen any day now, and we're happy to say that today is the day.

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