Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Scoop On Cellphones

The Atlanta Journal Constitution's Soyia Ellison says there's so many flavors of cellphones available for the mobile connoisseur, that Baskin Robbin's should be ashamed for only offering up 31 flavors.

Want a phone to call home from the grocery store and ask your wife if you're out of milk? You got it.

Want one that'll capture video of that amazing back flip your cat does off the kitchen table when she thinks no one is looking? You got it.

Want a cellphone that will let you sync your home and work e-mail — and view it all on one tiny screen? You can have that, too.
Check out Soyia Ellison's AJC article HERE to see which phone she says is like

"Coffee (Ice Cream) with Chocolate Chunks!"

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